BeeSpotter teams up with Cincinnati Zoo

BeeSpotter teams up with Cincinnati Zoo

Date posted: 4/21/2015

Cincinnati Zoo's Pollen Nation + BeeSpotter

The BeeSpotter team is proud to announce that we are partnering with the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden to bring bee spotting identifications to Ohio!

The Cincinnati Zoo's Pollen Nation beekeeping team has been busy setting up their live outdoor honey bee hive exhibit, located across from the World of the Insect. They will be offering Honey Bee Chats Friday Tuesday at 2pm starting Memorial Day, and will hold semi-regular beekeeping meetings as well.

Pollen Nation encourages its visitors to snap photos of bees and upload them to BeeSpotter. BeeSpotter's experts will identify your bee and let you know what species it is. You can learn more about honey bees and bumble bees while contributing to a citizen science project which will help entomologists study bee demographics and trends!

If you live in the Cincinnati area, why don't you buzz over to the zoo and check out their exhibit? And while you're there, snap a few photos and upload them to BeeSpotter for expert identification!

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