BeeSpotter Poster from ELPC Design Jam

BeeSpotter Poster from ELPC Design Jam

Date posted: 4/9/2013

The Environmental Law & Policy Center in Chicago, IL held a Design Jam this past Saturday. One of the outcomes was this very cool poster for BeeSpotter!

You can view the original Facebook post here. Feel free to share it broadly!

Poster entitled 'Help Bees by Creating Your Own Bee Garden - Help Track them With BeeSpotter.' The poster lists 3 features of a successful bee garden as: 'Limit user of toxic insecticides, Build a shelter to protect them, and Create a bee friendly habitat.' The poster also describes BeeSpotter as follows: 'BeeSpotter allows citizens to gather much-needed information with the use of photography. Our goal: to preserve bee diversity and enhancing pollinator appreciation! Get involved at:'

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